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Our Services

ESI provides a broad range of consulting services, partnering with owners and building managers on projects of all sizes. Focusing on HVAC, electrical, plumbing and fire protection infrastructure design and analysis, we provide clients with a full suite of mechanical and electrical engineering and design services.

Integrating our areas of expertise, we provide comprehensive, long-term master planning for health care, laboratory, educational, and commercial facilities. Our master-planning expertise is honed by our direct experience with the design and implementation of infrastructure upgrades in critical facilities without significant disruption of existing building services.

We also have preferred vendor relationships with prominent local utility companies, NSTAR and NGRID, making this an important part of our work. Our services include auditing for energy efficiency, identifying energy conservation measures and design, commissioning and verification for those improvements.

Read more about our areas of expertise:

HVAC Design and Systems
ESI brings a wealth of expertise in all aspects of HVAC system design for many types of facilities. We consult with clients on existing systems to assess operational problems and energy efficiency, evaluate new system options, and develop complete, coordinated design packages for the following types of projects:
  • Chiller plants
  • Boiler plants
  • Custom Air Handling systems
  • Pumping distribution systems
  • Ventilation and exhaust systems
  • Special lab and clean room HVAC systems
  • Data Center HVAC systems
  • Heat Recovery systems
  • Cogeneration systems
  • Heat Recovery systems
  • Supplemental cooling systems
  • Controls Design & Systems Optimization
Controls Design
To enable central control and monitoring of facilities and optimized integration of building HVAC and electrical systems, ESI specializes in design and commissioning of Building Automation Systems (BAS), providing more than the traditional boiler plate BAS and Direct Digital Control (DDC) specifications offered by most of our competitors. Maximizing occupant comfort and reducing operating costs. ESI typically provides facility specific design documents and sequences, coordination of contractor selection process, construction review services, and witnessed functional testing for all of our projects involving BAS controls. The result is that we design systems that work to maintain building comfort and operating savings for Building Owners.

An ESI BAS project typically includes:

  • Specification of the project including scope description, components requirements, and project execution.
  • Detailed, facility specific sequence of operations describing how the new building system will operate
  • Comprehensive point list defining what mechanical and electrical components will be automated with the new BAS, along wit
  • Schematic control diagrams depicting the system in graphical format
  • Witnessed functional testing of critical sequences and issuance of commissioning test reports.
Energy Analysis and Building Energy Usage Modeling
ESI provides customized energy analysis for mechanical and electrical systems including cogeneration, chiller plants, heating plants, optimized air-handling systems and zone controls, heat recovery systems  and specialized process systems with special consideration to energy codes, utility incentive program offerings, and impact overall system operating costs. ESI's Energy projects typically include:
  • Site survey to identify potential Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs)
  • Modeling new and existing facility energy consumption and operating costs
  • Custom spreadsheet analysis using local bin-hour weather data
  • Equest modeling of building systems
  • LEED energy analysis and certifications
  • Determining the economic feasibility of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM)
  • Technical Assistance Energy Studies for Utility Incentive Programs
Electrical Design and Systems Analysis
ESI’s electrical services include evaluation and design for upgrade of existing building electrical infrastructure systems. We also provide oversight for construction, with extensive experience in critical facilities such as Hospitals, Data Centers, Laboratories, and High Rise Office Buildings where minimizing downtime is critical. For complex renovation projects, ESI develops plans and specifications which identify critical project phasing and execution to minimize construction impact on facilities operations. Our Electrical Engineers are experienced with conducting field work from site survey through observation of final system tests and project completion.

Typical projects include:

  • Electric service upgrades
  • Utility company transformer vaults
  • 15kV switchgear design
  • Electrical distribution systems
  • Emergency and standby generator systems
  • UPS systems
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Cogeneration systems
  • Electrical System Commissioning
  • Studies and evaluations
Plumbing Design and Systems
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Fire Protection Design and Systems
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Construction, Commissioning and Administration
For each project, our engineers participate in each project phase—from design conception through commissioning—to ensure consistent oversight throughout. We are skilled administrators, often acting as “Project Architect” for large infrastructure projects, managing the bid process for clients, leading construction meetings, managing the submittal review process, and coordinating project closeout.

We are committed to the continuing education of our engineering staff and this exposure to all phases of project design and construction is the key to our company’s success in offering quality engineering services and maintaining long term partner ships with our clients.

We will also provide commissioning and retro-commissioning for existing buildings to ensure that equipment and facilities are operating at peak efficiency. Our commissioning work includes the following steps:

  • Physical inspection to determine if there are any deficiencies in new and existing equipment
  • Functional inspection to confirm that the equipment components are in a functional state
  • Operational inspection to collect data over time and ensure that the equipment is operating in coordination with other building systems
Support for Utility Companies
ESI has long provided energy analysis and design support to prominent New England utility companies including NSTAR and NGRID. We perform energy audits for existing and new facilities, both for owners and in conjunction with local utility company programs. We help identify energy-saving opportunities, including efficiency optimization of chiller plants, boiler plants, air handling systems, pumping systems, cogeneration plants, process systems, and lighting systems.

Technical Assistance services we provide in support of Utility:

  • Inventory of a facility's mechanical and electrical systems
  • Analysis for the facility's energy consumption
  • Identify potential energy conservation measures (ECMs)
  • Assess ECMs that may qualify for utility rebates
  • Design and commission approved ECMs
  • Verify savings for our recommended ECMs