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Our Mission

Since its inception, the mission of this Mechanical/Electrical engineering firm has been to offer high quality, custom engineering and design services with primary focus on facility infrastructure upgrades and energy efficient design. Our successful approach is based on being client-focused, with direct personal involvement by our three principals who are supported by an experienced staff of senior level project engineers.

Since our formation in 1988, we have been guided by the following business principles:

  • Provide our clients with consulting services focused on their needs and based on clear communication of the issues and design options most appropriate to the application.
  • Provide facility specific, customized engineering designs and solutions, not "cookie cutter" designs and boiler plate analysis.
  • Focus on systematic, integrative design solutions based on detailed understanding of existing conditions and constraints.
  • Solicit input from the Facility personnel's experience and perspective in developing our design and implementation strategies.
  • Carefully manage our growth in order to deliver consistent, high quality engineering services with direct senior level engineer involvement in all phases of the project.
  • Focus on design solutions with the lowest life cycle cost and not lowest first cost, within the constraints of an owner's capital budget. From our first day in business, we have been deeply committed to energy-conscious design, both as a means to save our clients money and as a personal mission to "make an impact" on the serious problems of resource depletion and global climatic change.